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Mike Trogan, Senior VP Discount Tire Center, AZ

What has your experience with cars been?

MT "My love affair with  GM products and  Chevy started back in the mid 60's, when I was 12 years old. My sisters boyfriend would come over and throw me the keys to his 60 something Red SS 396 Impala. He wanted me to get lost for a couple of hours. I didn't know why (smile), but  I thought it was awesome that he would trust me with such a nice car. That car made me one of the coolest kids around."


How old were you when you bought your first 'Muscle Car'?

MT "I acquired my first muscle car in my senior year in high school, in Ann Arbor Michigan.  It was a gold 1970 Buick Grand Sport Stage 1, white convertible with 455 HO. I was a greaser and hung out with the Chevelle, Camaro, Roadrunner/ GTX bunch. I Built and would drag race the Kawasaki that Greg painted for me at Milan Drag Way back in the 70's."


Did your folks have muscle cars?

MT "Yes! My dad always bought Lincoln Continentals because they had the biggest engines back in the day. Mom always had Chevy BelAir or Biscayns or Dodge Chargers. My older brother was always building Triumph motorcycles, big and loud. The garage was always in a state of disaray with engine parts. "


Anything else?

MT "Ever since I was sixteen I have been building, racing, restoring, destroying and rebuilding something with NOS. cheap HP.

Back in the early 80's I was into chevy trucks with big cam big HP engines in 4x4. I had a couple of Sea Ray boats and had chevy engines put in them as well. Fortunately, I made a career in the car industry. I've been with Discount Tire Center for 40 years now!"


Does the passion for cars still exist for you?

MT "Yes, at almost 60 years old. Just look at my Facebook and you'll see much of what I play with today. "


Interview with Rick Springfield


How did you hear about Greg & GTS Customs?

RS "I was looking for someone in LA to work on my 63

custom Vette. After I'd been through most of the guys who'd had TV car shows, I heard that Greg was the one who designed and manufactured the new, wider quarter panels on my own car so I got in touch with him and I am VERY glad I did."


What's is your experience with regards to cars, Corvette's, can you provide a short back story?

RS " I was looking for a Corvette in 1982 and just stumbled onto the 63 model and have been in love with them ever since. I finally got one that looked all original but had some of the cool modern stuff in it as well so it was more fun to drive."


What has GTS Customs done for you?

RS " Greg has corrected everything that was initially wrong with the car. Its a hand built custom so there have been some issues, both serious and minor, and Greg has worked them all out and done amazing work as well."


What do you think is Greg's best trait is?

RS " First his encyclopedic knowledge of Corvettes and second his good nature and great attitude."


Would you recommend your friends or family to GTS Customs?

RS " Absolutely and without question. Greg should be your first and only stop if you're looking for THE guy to handle your Vette."


Anything personal to add that I didn't think of?

RS " Greg does what he does for the love of the cars. Which is why he's so good. His work is AAA+ grade and he has fixed every problem I have had with my car. Easy to talk to and always ready to get things done. The very best!!"

Greg Thurmond with Client and Iconic Rock Star, Rick Springfield

Thank you Rick for such kind words.


What has always been of interest to me, is who are the people that are having these cars built. I think our reader's will enjoy learning about the different professionals and personalities that build the Resto-Mod's


Specialty Car's like Mike's Camaro.

Thank you Mike!